Lessons learned from going No Poo

It’s been two months since the last time I washed my hair with shampoo. Don’t get me wrong, I still wash it, but I just stopped using shampoo. Here is what I’ve learned from the experience:

Trust me, it's not remotely that bad (Courtesy of Mornings with NPR)

Trust me, it’s not remotely that bad (Courtesy of Mornings with NPR)

  1. You can live without shampoo, your hair gets thicker than with shampoo but more manageable, clean and clean-looking.
  2. It takes a lot of effort to keep it clean and soft, you have to wash it with water once a day or every two days at least and brush it with a thick bristle hairbrush twice a day, no exceptions. And you have to keep your brushes clean at all times.
  3. Your scalp has cycles, some days it was oilier than others, but the hair always looks normal, not shiny (unless you haven’t washed/brushed it for a couple of days)

In general, it’s been a positive experience. I was learning how my hair/scalp works while reducing the use of chemicals and questioning social norms or unquestioned habits. But being worried about my hair, getting it brushed twice every day and actively taking care of it is very consuming. I don’t want to go back to shampoos so my next step will be to try some natural, phosphate free shampoos. Probably NuffStuff shampoos and conditioners that are made out of sugar. If anyone knows of alternatives to shampoo I’ll be really grateful, so far baking soda and cider vinegar doesn’t really work for me.

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